the Virtual Museum

The virtual museum has been created as part of Biomontagne project, concluded in 2014 and funded by the INTERREG program ALCOTRA Italy / Switzerland 2007-2013.

What is a virtual museum? A museum that is free from the usual constraints of four walls, display cabinets and opening hours.
Up to date, innovative and multimedia-based by definition, it exploits the virtual world to allow wider access to the collections and items held by the Efisio Noussan Regional Natural Science Museum and to spread the culture of natural science.
The virtual tool allows us to make our heritage accessible in an authentic centre for interpretation, knowledge and virtual consultation where users can create and guide their own personal learning itineraries through their own actions and choices.

In the case of the Efisio Noussan Regional Natural Science Museum, the Virtual Museum is even more. In fact, it is not just a mere digital representation of the real museum, since the exhibition centre is currently closed to the public for restoration. The entire medieval castle of St-Pierre, the historical location of the science museum, is undergoing conservative restoration and is awaiting a new and radical museum refurbishment.

The Virtual Museum allows therefore to keep alive and accessible collections and exhibits are now housed in the Natural-scientific research center of the Marais la Salle.

The museum collections - the leaves in the herbarium, the entomology, petrographic and mineralogy collections, the stuffed mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fishes along with the collections of lichens, eggs and nests - have been patiently organised and entered into functional databases in high resolution digital format.

With the Virtual museum, you can rapidly search the samples of interest, view them in high resolution, zoom in on details and view summary related information.
To enter the virtual museum, click on collections and select the section you're interested in.
To find out more about the cooperation project which the Virtual museum is participating in, visit the Bio-Montagne Project section.

The work-group
A multidisciplinary group has contributed to the realization of the Virtual Museum, formed by:
Marco Chemollo, Davide D’Acunto, Maria Garrone, Giovanni Maffei, Enrica Matteucci, Fabrizio Troilo, Isabella Vanacore Falco, Edoardo Panfili e Verto Group Srl.
In a role of consulting and supervision the following have also contributed:
Maurizio Bovio for herbariums of higher plants;
Massimo Bocca, Maurizio Bovio, Paolo Castello, Stefano De Leo, Luca Miserere, Pietro Passerin d’Entrèves, Rosanna Piervittori.